PRUNO is the leading and first maple sugaring tools designer and manufacturer in North America. Our highly-specialized tools have led the maple syrup industry since 1974 and rank our company amongst the largest sugar bush equipment designers in North America. Our high-end and renowned products are distributed by all major Canadian and U.S. maple sugaring equipment wholesalers. 

We are a Quebec-based, third-generation, family-run company who also designs light forestry, industrial and domestic equipment.


PRUNO is renowned in the maple industry for the superior quality, durability and reliability of its products. Expert tool makers since the 1970s, we specialize in pliers to install and repair maple sap tubing systems. We also manufacture a large variety of high-standard full-flow grooved stainless-steel fittings for mainlines, tapping/untapping tools and accessories, as well as a range of stainless-steel instruments used in sugar shacks and evaporator rooms for maple syrup processing

Our talented team of experts designs high-end tools that have been field-proven for decades and that work! Every PRUNO product is manufactured with precision, care and is tested to meet the highest standards of the maple industry. Our market-leading tools are chosen by the best maple syrup producers throughout Canada and the United States.

PRUNO’s reputation in the Quebec, Canadian and U.S. maple sugaring market speaks for itself. Thanks to its contribution to the development of the industry over the last 50 years, the Pruneau family has its own chapter in the maple syrup history.


At PRUNO, we dedicate our expertise, our ingenuity and our good old practical sense to serve maple producers, companies and individuals. Every day, we embrace our 90 years of experience working with steel and devote our family tradition to create tools and equipment that revolutionize and simplify maple sugaring, forestry and residential work. We aim to offer the most straightforward, most cost-effective solutions on the market.